Tejo in Colombia

Tejo in Colombia – Best Places to Play in Bogota, Cali, and Medellín

No trip to Colombia is complete without heading over to the local pub and playing game of Tejo over a round of cold beer. Seriously, you need to give this a try! You’ll have a blast (literally). It was the highlight of my trip to Bogotá last year.

What is Tejo?

Tejo is a traditional Colombian pub game, much like billiards or darts in the United States. It is hilarious, fun, and may as well be the greatest sport ever to be invented. It typically involves throwing heavy metal pucks at gunpowder-filled envelopes. The aim of this sport is to make loud and fiery explosions. While the first explosion will probably make you jump, the buzz from drinking beer quickly adds to the excitement.

Where to Play Tejo in Bogotá

Bogotá, Colombian’s eclectic capital city, has Tejo bars scattered around the city. Bogotá has the most locations in the country.

  • Club De Tejo La 76 is the most popular place to play in Bogotá. It is located in the Alcazares Norte neighborhood. You can play Tejo for free if you buy a case of beer (bring your friends!), which should cost no more than $15 USD.
  • Bar y Campo de Tejo La 28 is located a block away from Parque Santa Sofia in Bogotá. This low keys pot is a favorite among locals and will set you back a mere $10 USD per person for drinks.
  • Club De Tejo San Miguel offers beginner and professional courts off of Carrera 26 near Calle 80 in Bogotá. This is a newer venue and also serves a limited menu of traditional Colombian food. Beer is served, of course… for less than $1 USD each.

Other Places to Play in Colombia

While Tejo is most popular in Bogotá, you can play this fun game in other Andes communities.

  • Social Club Los Amigos is located in the Northern Chapinero area of Cali, at the intersection of Carrera 8A and Calle 49. Beer and a limited food menu is available. This is where Anthony Bourdain played while filing Parts Unknown.
  • Cancha De Tejo Brasilia is the main spot for Tejo in the heart of Medellín. It is an outdoor venue next to the Cancha Brasilia soccer field.
  • Cancha de Tejo Polideportivo Sur is located in Itagüí, south of Medellín, in the Aburrá Valley. This location is a trek, but Google reviewers say it is a hidden gem.
  • Club Deportivo de Tejo la Joya is the most popular place to play in Bucaramanga. Located on Calle 36, it is a larger venue that serves beer-only.

What about Barranquilla or Cartagena?

Tejo isn’t popular in the Northern Colombian cities of Barranquilla or Cartagena. It is most popular in the Andes regions. Because it isn’t popular, there are no public fields in these cities. You may be able to join a local match if you chat with a local.

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