Free things to do in Bogota

5 Free Things to Do in Bogotá, Colombia

The Colombian capital of Bogotá is an attractive mix of artistic street art, color-pop buildings, and verdant landscapes. If you were wondering about the expenses of exploring a capital city, Bogotá is on your side. The Athena of South America offers its travelers many experiences that are free of cost. From exploring museums to playing sports, you can do a lot without needing to foot the bill.

Here are the top 5 free things to do in Bogotá. Get stoked and ready to explore!

Wander Around La Candelaria

La Candelaria is a vibrant, colonial town in Bogotá. Its narrow Calle del Embudo street is a must-visit. It is the prettiest street with cobblestone path lined with colorful houses on both sides. The town is also home to old houses, cathedral, Capitol, and Plaza Bolivar. Architecture in this 17th-century locality is medley of colonial, baroque, and art-deco styles. It is free to wander around and explore the vibrant heart of Bogotá.

Climb Cerro de Monserrate

Monserrate is a popular Bogotá tourist attraction among both, adventurers, and holidaymakers. Located around 1.5km from La Candelaria, the hill elevates 3,150 meters and flanks the city’s east side. Sitting atop the hilltop of Monserrate is the eponymous church, a mecca for pilgrims. It houses the altar statue of El Señor Caído. Surrounding the church are two restaurants and a café. You can take the 1500-step hike (closed on Tuesdays) or the regular teleférico (cable car) to reach the top.

Take a Street Art (Graffiti) Tour

The street art in Bogota is visually stunning. They are a protest disguised in vibrant colors. Once illegal, they were decriminalized in 2011, when the tragic death of artist Diego Felipe Becerra ignited a revolution.

Today over 5,000 murals exist in Bogotá, courtesy of local and international artists. Many of them are politically charged and a medium of self-expression.

Without a doubt, the Colombian capital is a mecca for street artists. To miss touring it would be missing the point of exploring Bogotá.

Visit the Museums of Bogotá

Bogotá is home to the exhaustive Museo Nacional de Colombia and affluent Museo del Oro. Both the museums are a 21-minute walk apart from each other. Set in a 19th-century prison building, the National Museum is a massive display of over 20,000 pieces. These artifacts track the country’s history from the pre-Columbian era to today. All its galleries are free to visit throughout the week.

On the other hand, the Gold Museum is a collection of 30,000 gold objet d’art. Tickets cost a meager $1.50 on weekdays, but all entries are free on Sundays.

Other museums to check out in Bogota include the Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO) and Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia (MAMU).

Play Tejo in Bogotá

No trip to Colombia is complete without playing Tejo. Tejo is hilarious, fun, and may as well be the greatest sport ever to be invented. It typically involves lobbing heavy metal pucks at gunpowder-filled envelopes. The aim of this sport is to make loud and fiery explosions. Typically everyone is drinking Aguila (a Colombian beer) while aiming and hurling pucks.

If you want to experience the best of tejo in Bogotá, head straight to Club de Tejo La 76 in Barrios Unidos. It offers an authentic tejo experience with a horse-shaped jukebox that plays ballads and vallenato music. There are four mini-tejo courts available for beginners, too.

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