10+ Things to Do in Pigeon Forge, TN

Pigeon Forge, TN — As soon as you drive into Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, you’re welcomed by a world of wonder. As a kid, I used to look up at all the cool kids, shows and the happy people buzzing about and that hasn’t changed except for the fact that there are more and more cool things to do and see in this super cool city that reminds me of an arcade/entertainment spot that’s taken over an entire city.

Why is Pigeon Forge Worth Visiting?

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is worth visiting because it is a magical place. And the cool thing is that it doesn’t matter if you’re six, sixteen or sixty, there is something everyone will enjoy doing. With many restaurants and shows, amusement parks and activities, you can be as active or as passive with your enjoyment as you’d like.

What to Do in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Get ready for an awesome list of things to do in Pigeon, Forge, Tennessee. Some of these things are tried and true and others are on the newer side. So, whether you’ve been here before or not, you’ll find some of your favorites but also new experiences to enjoy in Pigeon Forge.

1) Dollywood & Dollywood Splash Country

You can’t think about Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee without thinking of Dolly Parton. Her famous amusement park and water park bring people in from all over the country. Everyone loves Dolly and she knows how to make sure people have a great time.

Always check before you come to either of the parks since they’re seasonal but there is plenty of time to enjoy these awesome spots.

Dollywood continues to grow and Splash Country keeps delivering on the fun. There are rides for people that just want a little bit of thrill and for those that really want to scream when they’re on a ride so make sure you check the thrill level before you hop on.

2) Toy Box Mini Golf

If you’re ready to enjoy mini golf in a whole new way, head on over to Toy Box mini golf. Here you’ll find yourself playing mini golf amongst some of your favorite characters and toys. And they aren’t little either. You’ll be able to look at up the massive pile of Jenga blocks or hang out near the neat Rubix cube while you go through 18 holes.

After you’re done golfing, it isn’t quite time to leave just yet. You can also enjoy grabbing some delicious candy favorites from their huge selection of yummy goodness.

3) Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud Show & Adventure Park

Who doesn’t love Lumberjacks? And feuding lumberjacks are even better.

For those of you that agree, it’s time to head over to Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud show and adventure park. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s so much fun for the whole family.

Their catchphrase is “Channel Your Flannel” because not only can you watch the Lumberjacks do their thing, but you can also do some of the super cool things lumberjacks do and see how you do at them.

Some of those things include sawing logs with a huge saw, trying to stay on top of spinning logs, and jumping off of platforms. If you want to enjoy the ultimate flannel adventure, then you’re in the right spot.

4) MagiQuest

Enter the castle if you dare. You never know what will be around the next corner. You may find wizards, pirates after treasure, or you could walk into a mirror in the mirror maze because they clean them super well.

For the game lovers in your family, head over to the arcade, which is the newest addition to the MagiQuest castle. You’ll enjoy playing Halo, Wizard of Oz, Skee-Ball, Mario Kart, and we can’t forget everyone’s favorite — Pac-Man!

Plenty to do, and it’s all indoors, so if it is cold or raining, this is a great fun spot to hang out.

5) The Comedy Barn

For those of you looking for clean comedy in the Smoky Mountains, you’ve found it. Bring the whole family and prepare to belly laugh. It’s not just comedians on the stage at the Comedy Barn either. Alongside the comedians, you’ll see jugglers, barnyard animals, live music, and talented ventriloquists.

You can go hang out as a couple, or you can bring a whole group. Comedy Barn makes it easy for you to fit everyone.

6) Dolly Parton’s Stampede

When you want to grab a bite to eat in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, you shouldn’t miss out on going to Dolly Parton’s Stampede. Enjoy a four-course family meal while watching a super cool show that is sure to keep the attention of the whole family.

Chow down on delicious food all while watching amazing aerial acts that will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. There are over thirty beautiful horses you can look at before the show as long as you get there early.

7) The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is another great spot that has something for everyone. You don’t have to pay to enter The Island, so you can choose what you want to do and pay for it, or you can just watch as your kids go wild on the rides.

The Ferris Wheel takes you high above gorgeous Pigeon Forge so you can get a unique look at the mountains and the people enjoying the activities below.

There’s a super cool ropes course for the adventurous ones in the group. Besides the Ferris wheel, there are other fair-type rides that can take you back to when you were a kid. There are a lot of fun options for rides, but there are also many options when it comes to places to eat.

Head over to Mellow Mushroom, Cinnabon, or maybe have a snack at The Island Creamery.

8) Pigeon Forge Snow

Pigeon Forge Snow is a fun spot, no matter what time of the year it is. You can always find “snow” here. Honestly, it’s a bit more like ice, but it’s the perfect setting to zoom down the hill quickly.

You can get a certain amount of time and ride the slopes as many times as you want. The lines usually aren’t too crazy, but even if they are, they move quickly, and you’re sure to get plenty of times going down the hills on the tubes.

For kids that don’t want to go down the slopes, there is a little area that allows you to play in the snow, but you’re not allowed to throw snowballs, so don’t plan on that. But there is plenty of snow to build a snowman.

9) Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

The Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is the longest coaster in Tennessee. You’ll definitely want to ride it, no matter what season it is. It gives you some amazing thrills, but the views are also out of this world.

If you have kids that you want to take on the coaster, you can rest assured that they have a set up so that you can go together. Kids find is extra enjoyable when it is nighttime and you can check out the super neat lights as you zoom down the track.

10) Goats on the Roof

No, you didn’t misread that. There are Goats on the Roof. This cool spot lets you come in their gift shop and check out their goats and goodies. When you’re done goat gazing, you can go to the gem mine and try to find rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.

Before you head out, you definitely don’t want to miss their homemade fudge that will make you want to come back the next time a sweet craving hits.

There is also a coaster here that you can ride. It’s not as wild as the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster, so if you have a timid rider, this might be a better option than a fast-paced coaster.

11) Hollywood Wax Museum

For those of you that want to get photos with your favorite stars, Hollywood Wax Museum is the perfect place to check out. The cool thing about this place is that there are props to make it even more fun.

You can spend a lot of fun here goofing off with your friends and family. If you’re tired from all of the coasters and amusement parks, this is the perfect place to hang out to recover.

12) Arcade City

Go crazy on your favorite games like hoops, crane machines, or other family favorites. If you really enjoy playing games and winning prizes, then this is the perfect spot.

It’s similar to Chuck E Cheese but on a grander scale. Use your rechargeable card to play games and plan to spend about one to two hours here to play everything.

Our Take on Pigeon Forge, TN

Good luck getting Pigeon Forge, Tennessee out of your mind now. This place is one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever visited, and we keep going back.

Dollywood is so much fun no matter what season you go, and Splash Country can help you fight off the Summertime heat.

Dolly’s Stampede is a great place to enjoy dinner and a show, and you can play as many games as your heart desires in this adult wonderland. And, of course, the kids will enjoy it as well. Bring the whole family and have fun at your favorite spots and create some new favorites.

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