Progressive Snapshot Review and Results

Progressive Snapshot Review + Final Results

I worked for a large insurance company as a Marketing Consultant at a local agency during my college years. Up until recently, I didn’t have the best opinion of Progressive. But, after a cross-country move, they gave me the lowest quote for my auto insurance. So… I gave them a try.

One way to lower my auto insurance rate was to sign up for their Snapshot program. When you do this, Progressive mails you a small device that plugs into your car’s OBD-II port, which is usually under your steering wheel. Their snapshot device monitors your driving for approximately six months (typically your first auto policy period with Progressive).

At first, this may sound creepy (I mean, it really is…) but it is quite cool at the same time. Progressive’s Snapshot device made me a better driver.

What does Snapshot measure?

Snapshot measures three different aspects of your driving. These aspects are:

1) Hard Breaks

A hard break is essentially just that… when you slam (hard) on your breaks. Progressive counts a hard break when your vehicle decelerates faster than 7 MPH per second. Be careful while you’re driving; it’s quite easy to rack up hard breaks.

2) Miles Driven

The more you drive, the more likely you’re going to be in a car accident. It’s simple math. Progressive measures the average number of miles you drive each week when using the Snapshot device.

3) Total High-Risk Driving Time

High-risk driving time is anytime between midnight and 4AM. Progressive doesn’t like to see you driving during this time. This can be a bummer for people who work the night shift, but the truth is, there’s more reckless driving at this time (ie. bar close), which means it’s riskier to drive in the early morning hours.

Final Snapshot results

Over the course of six months, I did quite well (I think). I averaged 1.06 hard breaks per week, drove 119.16 miles per week, and drove an average of 28 minutes and 45 seconds during “high-risk” hours. Throughout my time using Snapshot, I maintained an “A” status with Progressive. At the end of my evaluation period, I earned a $74 discount on my auto insurance. Not bad!

Results from Progressive Snapshot

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