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  1. So if you purchase a C+ fare and its underlying fare class is V but is 3x as much fare cost than the current H or K class published for main, you would still rank lower when it comes to the fare comparison for UG priority since underlying code is V and is the bottom?

  2. Any idea how to search for flights of a specific fare basis. I want to use a companion certificate and I understand these can be used on booking class L, U, T, X, and V.
    When I find Main Cabin fares the details say they are something else, like K.

    I want to search for flights based on Fare Basis criteria.

    1. Hey Jim, thanks for the comment. Companion certificates are tricky to use. Like you said, they require an L, U, T, X, or V fare. Try different dates if you’re not seeing compatible options. Delta’s site returns the cheapest available fare so it is likely not a case of hidden inventory or something like that. I usually have luck finding flights that work by flying on the weekend and not during a holiday.

  3. Do you know if the Complimentary Upgrade happens only once or multiple times with each flight? (Assuming all the seats are available for the upgrade, and assuming I’m Diamond Medallion Status, for the sake of this conversation, to make it simple…..). For example, I purchase Main Cabin seat. Then am I going to be in the group to be considered for the upgrade from Main Cabin to Comfort +. And after that happens, am I going to be in the group AGAIN to be considered for the upgrade from Comfort + to First Class? Then First Class to Delta One? Or when I get upgrade once, then I will not be considered for another upgrade for the flight? Do you know?

    1. Yep, you can receive multiple upgrades (from Main Cabin to Comfort+ to First Class). Complimentary upgrades to Delta One are not available on international flights, though… so Comfort+ is the best offered for long-haul trips unless you have a Global Upgrade Certificate.

      Also, keep in mind that Platinum and Diamond members can usually select Comfort+ seats for free shortly after booking so try to do that versus waiting (view the seat map after purchasing your ticket).

  4. Where do you source this description of fare types/classes from? I have been trying to find a description on delta’s website for work booking purposes (they keep trying to convince me Comfort Plus is Premium Economy and is equivalent to Premium Select).

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